Post-Prison Health Worker Certificate Program

Transition Clinic CHWs complete the City College of San Francisco (CCSF) Post Prison Health Worker (PPHW) Certificate Program. The PPHW is a 20 unit course of study that includes core courses from CCSF’s Community Health Worker Certificate and additional training in the health impacts of incarceration, and chronic disease management. Students are assigned to read Foundations for Community Health Workers, a textbook written by CCSF faculty and CHW graduates, published by Jossey-Bass.


The performance-based curriculum is grounded in public health and social justice perspectives, and provides students with knowledge and skills for working in clinical and community settings, with individual clients and groups. Key competency areas include the ability to provide client-centered health education, counseling and care coordination services.

CHWs working at Transition Clinics outside of the San Francisco Bay Area have enrolled in CCSF’s online PPHW Certificate Program developed with grant support from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovations (CMMI). Online courses feature video demonstrations of core CHW competencies, interviews and other resources developed with working CHWs in San Francisco. The online curricula also features work-based assignments designed to provide students with opportunities to apply concepts and skills on the job. Assignments include, for example, shadowing colleagues at work, working with clients to develop Action Plans for the management of chronic health conditions, developing and providing a community-based training.

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 Course Units 

Code Description Units
HLTH 201 CHW Principles and Practice 5
HLTH 202 CHW Principles and Practice 2 5
HLTH 66 Health Education & Chronic Disease Mgmt. 3
HLTH 110 Health Impacts of Incarceration 3
HLTH 116 Conflict Resolution 1


 Students must complete three (3) units from the  following list of electives: 

Code Description Units
HLTH 10  Health and Aging  3
HLTH 25  Women’s Health Issues  3
HLTH 27  Men’s Health Issues  3
HLTH 38  Trauma Response and Recovery  3
HLTH 54  Introduction to Public Health  3
HLTH 64  Health Education Practice  3
HLTH 65  Youth Development and Leadership  3
HLTH 67  HIV/STI Prevention Education  3
HLTH 908  Harm Reduction and Health  0.5
HLTH 91  Hepatitis ABCs  1
HLTH 95  Transgender Health:  Clients & Communities  1
HLTH 96  Transgender Health: Public Health Strategies  2
HLTH 97  Health & Stress in Society  3
HLTH 10  Intro to Comp Appl for Business  3