Tino Negron

Community Health Worker, Yale's Health Justice Lab
New Haven, CT

Tino Negron is an Outreach Specialist for Yale's Health Justice Lab and a Transition Clinic employee where he addresses access to health care with his colleagues. Mr. Negron is a Certified Life Coach, Recovery Coach for Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery, Forensic Peer Support Specialist and mentor for those that are “justice-involved” and formerly justice-involved who are returning back to our communities following a term of incarceration. Mr. Negron, a ex-offender himself, fully understands the meaning of redemption. During his years of incarceration he worked tirelessly to grow and find a way to give back to others. His empathy and desire to provide hope to other inmates resulted in his creating a program now utilized by the CT Department of Corrections that assists inmates in developing social skills to enable them to more easily re-integrate into society after long periods of incarceration. Mr. Negron's focus on assisting others who are justice-involved in developing life skills and re-integrating after incarceration has afforded him the opportunity to actively serve as a mentor and work directly with men that share similar life experiences. He awakens early to tackle the day’s challenges and prides himself on being a reliable support to his peers and those he mentors. He is cognizant of the obstacles that are detrimental to the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated population: doubt, despair, and complex psychological and social histories. He utilizes care and an individually tailored approach to overcoming these obstacles in order to help others be successful and productive members of society following their release.