Transitions Clinic Network Program

The Transitions Clinic Network (TCN) Program:

Each site in our network has implemented the TCN Program model. The TCN Program provides a patient-centered primary care medical home for chronically-ill returning community members. Each program, designed in partnership with formerly incarcerated individuals, is based within safety-net community health centers in neighborhoods most impacted by incarceration.

Each TCN Program provides:

  • Community health workers with a history of incarceration as part of an integrated medical team
  • Linkages with correctional partners to provide continuity of care
  • Easy access to comprehensive primary care
  • Culturally competent, patient-centered medical services
  • Close partnerships with local reentry and social services organizations to address social determinants of health

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Community Health Workers (CHWs) provide:

Health and Social Service Navigation

Mentorship to reclaim the autonomy lost in prison

A bridge between the clinical team and the patient

Advocacy on behalf of their communities to key stakeholders and policymakers