Joseph Calderon

Senior Community Health Worker

Joseph Calderon, Senior Community Health Worker. Joe is a native of San Francisco and a certified community health worker (CHW). At the age of 23 he started serving a life sentence. After nearly 20 years incarcerated, he began to explore ways to give back to society upon his release. He currently works as a Lead CHW and Trainer at the Transitions Clinic Network, a national organization dedicated to improving health and reentry outcomes for those returning to the community from incarceration. Joe trains and mentors CHWs with histories of incarceration who are employed by TCN programs nationwide. Joe was an appointee to the San Francisco Reentry Council from 2013-2016 and now serves on the Policy and Procedure Sub-Committee. He also served on the Equity Advisory Committee with the San Francisco Human Rights Commission. In 2017 the San Francisco Department of Health appointed Joe to the SF LEAD (Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion) Policy Committee.  He has a passion for working with diverse and disenfranchised populations, leveraging his personal experience with incarceration to advocate for social justice and community investment. Mr. Calderon has a Post-Prison Community Health Worker certificate from San Francisco City College and plans on continuing his education in public health. Joe completed a JustLeadershipUSA fellowship in 2018.