Transitions Clinic Network

The Transitions Clinic Network (TCN) is a national organization committed to reversing the harms of mass incarceration by eliminating racial health and economic disparities. TCN works upstream to transform health systems to better meet the needs of impacted communities through: 

  • Training, technical assistance, and capacity-building to support community-based primary care clinics to implement the TCN Model of health system transformation, with a focus on improving the health and social determinants of health of individuals returning from incarceration;
  • Hiring and training formerly incarcerated individuals to work as community health workers (CHWs) embedded into primary care teams to engage patients returning from incarceration and transform health systems from within;
  • Training health systems to implement patient-centered policies and organizational policies that support employment opportunities for CHWs with incarceration histories;
  • Collaboration with cross-sector stakeholders to promote healthcare access and equity; and
  • Community-led policy expertise and implementation support to strengthen initiatives aimed at enhancing health for populations impacted by the criminal legal system.

TCN’s innovative approach addresses underlying inequities of race and place, leading to better health and criminal-legal outcomes for patients.