MaDonna Garcia-Crowley

Community Health Worker, La Clinica de la Raza - North Vallejo

MaDonna has been the Community Health Worker for the Solano County Transitions Clinic in Vallejo since July 2016. As a resident of the area for over 40 years, she has watched the community grow and she stays updated on local resources. MaDonna is a licensed Cosmetologist Instructor, but, her passion is to assist people in the reentry population and those struggling with alcohol and/or drug addiction. Because of this, she has furthered her education majoring in Human Services and becoming a Certified Addictions Specialist. Having a history of incarceration herself and with lived life experiences with chronic disease, such as cancer, having been diagnosed in the past with mental health conditions such as manic depression and also having a history of substance use disorder, MaDonna can relate on almost any level that may be qualifying a potential Transitions Clinic patient for care. By overcoming medical, mental and spiritual barriers, today, with over 14 years in recovery, she is able to empower and inspire all who come into contact with her. Sharing hope and rejuvenation. When doing presentations or outreach to the reentry audience or those working with the reentry population, MaDonna shares her favorite mantra, which states, “Our past doesn’t define us, it refines us.” MaDonna gives Glory to her Higher Power, whom she chooses to call Jesus, for transforming her life, to position her to help serve others thru genuine peer support . With all these tools she is able show others that things can change for the better, which can lead to cut downs on recidivism. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her special someone of 28 years, her blended family of four children and 10 grandchildren, taking care of her 18 year old blind cat (Leah), reading the Word, biographies and magazines, and traveling (especially to the coast).