Community Health Workers in the TCN

Each TCN Program is staffed by a CHW with a history of incarceration. They are a vital member of the healthcare team, connecting patients with health and social services through outreach, educational, and advocacy efforts. CHWs act as cultural liaisons to ensure the provision of culturally relevant health services. They work both in the community and clinical setting, bridging the healthcare gap for the sickest and most vulnerable patients.

Why Employ CHWs with a history of incarceration?

Mass incarceration has impacted communities' ability to heal themselves by creating barriers to employment in health care for people with a felony conviction. TCN seeks to break this cycle by providing meaningful healthcare careers to CHWs with a history of incarceration. TCN CHWs leverage the singular knowledge of an individual who has successfully reentered. Through their shared history, CHWs build a unique trust with their clients resulting in enhanced primary care engagement and reduced Emergency Department utilization.